Superior Documentation with Integrated Online Faxing Solution

MedOfficePro is a nationwide provider of clinical data capture for ASCs - delivering better analytics, improved patient care and cost reduction.  We have partnered with leading ASC management companies, technology vendors and surgery practices nationwide to address unique needs of ASCs comprehensively.

What can Secure-Dox do for your surgery center today?
Over the last 15 years we have serviced more than 100 surgery centers and built a reputation for delivering superior services in a cost effective manner.  Secure-Dox – Online Chart and Form Management Solution is a web-based document management solution with 256-bit encryption technology to manage Forms, Patient Charts and other medical records.

Here is how it can transform your surgery center:
  • Browser and Device Independence
    Browser and device independent software solution that can be accessed via a PC, SmartPhone or a Tablet.  No more dependence on a remote storage vendor or visits to offsite storage! All your charts are always backed up and searchable – and only a few clicks away!
  • Comprehensive Online Forms repository allows clinicians easy access and printing with just a few clicks! Being paperless is no longer a dream but a reality!
  • Integrated Fax Solution
    Secure-Fax comes as an integrated application for our Secure-Dox customers! Secure-Fax is a great productivity application for ASCs as most centers continue to receive faxes from vendors and providers. With Secure-Fax, no printing is required, and with a built-in workflow tool, faxes can be attached to patient charts with just a few clicks - ensuring online availability of complete charts at all times.
  • Smart Bar Code Technology
    We believe in using innovative technologies to make your workflow easy and staff more productive. Bar code on every Form ensures you never miss a chart once it is scanned back into the system.  We also offer an easy interface with popular Practice Management and Coding software in use at no extra charge.
  • Web-based Transcription and Management
    Many of our ASC customers who use both online transcription and Secure-Dox as a bundled solution enjoy superior clinical documentation and significant productivity improvements at their centers. All dictations are securely archived and searchable in Secure-Dox system. For these surgery center customers, Dictations are also available at Referring Physician Offices with customized access and permission policies in place. No more faxing or emailing reports!

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