Truly Paperless and HIPAA Compliant!

Secure-Fax is a secure Faxing solution for busy medical clinics and surgery centers. Secure-Fax has the same look, ease of use and feel as popular email software programs as Microsoft Outlook - except it is designed for inbound and outbound documents received or sent via facsimile in an office setting.

It allows medical practices and surgery centers to become paperless and efficient, and improves medical record documentation and processes without any investment in hardware or software. Your fax documents are protected in transit from point of origin to a recipient’s fax. Secure-Fax is safe, as easy to use as email and can be deployed in minutes.

Specific Features
  • A secure online HIPAA-compliant solution for sending and receiving faxes with SSL 256 bit Encryption.
  • Use it with PC, iPad or IPhone. Device and Browser independent.
  • Ability to send online faxes to one or multiple contacts in your address book.
  • Secure-Fax comes as an integrated Secure-Dox solution for ASCs as well!
Benefits for Your Practice
  • Paper reduction - no need to print or receive faxes on your fax machine.
  • More efficient use of staff - no paper filing, elimination of manual fax handling - allows reallocation of staff to other more responsible duties.
  • Reduction in other overhead costs such as supplies associated with paper, toner, etc.
  • Lifestyle improvements for physicians - work can be done from home or hospital and physicians are not tied to the office.

MedOfficePro's Secure-Fax is part of a suite of services targeted at Physicians' Offices, Surgery Centers, Clinics and Specialty Practices. This comprehensive solution from MedOfficePro is a result of years of close partnership with the medical community to develop services that deliver efficiency, savings, and an overall better practice management.

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